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Digital transactions are growing exponentially and are gradually becoming a mainstay channel of commerce for many enterprises and small businesses alike. The diversity of the world brings together some unique challenges to digital adoption but solutions that are simple, scalable, and designed with local considerations in mind have been able to make a mark in this growing market

WhatsApp with its 2.5+ billion strong user base, is the leading social media messaging platform in the world. In a diverse population, where traditional digital platforms have limited reach among rural and less educated individuals, WhatsApp’s simple and intuitive interface offers tremendous possibilities for solving many of the customer connect challenges that businesses are facing. We at Brillion1 are enabling businesses to maximize the potential of this unique opportunity.


Brillion1 combines WhatsApp's ease and prevalence to help businesses improve customer experience and expand outreach. Our mantra is that every customer interaction is a moment of truth for the businesses, which will contribute to retention and acquisition. Our goal is to aid businesses in reaching all customers and delivering a seamless experience at every touchpoint.

Brillion1 is a cloud-based platform offering "Ready-to-Go WhatsApp Business Products" that are secure, scalable, and user-friendly for business users. Whether you need real-time customer surveys on WhatsApp, seat bookings for events on WhatsApp, or a simple engagement platform for patients of all backgrounds, Brillion1 is the solution for you.

Brillion1 Services

We provide a dedicated set of services to elevate access to business transactions through seamless integration of WhatsApp over a secure layer of existing enterprise applications

  • Automation Efficiency
  • Secured Transactions
  • Personalized Interaction
  • Real Time Engagement
  • Optimized Workflows
  • Multi Language Support
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cost Effective

Brillion1 Platforms

  • Brillion1 Appointment
  • Brillion1 Campaign
  • Brillion1 Chatbot
  • Brillion1 Dipstick
  • Brillion1 Donation
  • Brillion1 Healthwatt
  • Brillion1 Hotels
  • Brillion1 Ticket

Brillion1 Appointment

  • Doctors and clinics can use WhatsApp for patient appointment scheduling
  • Patients can schedule appointments with their preferred doctor at their convenience

Brillion1 Campaign

  • Effortlessly initiate customized marketing campaigns on WhatsApp with just a single click.
  • Break the language barrier and reach customers across India.
  • Use Analytics to gain insights and customize messages to match customer preferences.

Brillion1 Chatbot

  • Chatbots can efficiently handle routine inquiries and respond to WhatsApp messages 24/7, saving you time.
  • Create and launch a smart WhatsApp chatbot in just minutes, even without any coding know-how!
  • Our chatbot supports multiple languages, so you can create it in the language your potential customers prefer.

Brillion1 Dipstick

  • Conduct simple and user-friendly surveys on WhatsApp to collect valuable customer feedback.
  • Draw insights across various customer segments, campaigns, and geographies.

Brillion1 Donation

  • A marketplace where Medium and Large NGOs can launch their donation through WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp for donations also makes the process easier, more interactive, and more transparent.

Brillion1 Healthwatt

  • Healthwatt offers a unique approach for patients to engage in their entire healthcare journey, from enrolment to discharge.
  • Patients can sign up, schedule appointments, receive responses, and access reports on WhatsApp.

Brillion1 Hotels

  • Elevate your hoteloperations with our comprehensive solution. Improve efficiency, elevate guest experience, and maximize profits.
  • Say farewell to traditional printed menus. Boost sales with digital menus featuring targeted promotions and upselling opportunities.
  • Enjoy digital check-in/out, round-the-clock concierge service, interactive menus, instant feedback options, and a range of other innovative features.

Brillion1 Ticket

  • A WhatsApp-based platform for theatres, party halls, and event organizers to sell seats to customers.
  • Customers can reserve seats, make online payments, and receive tickets through WhatsApp.

Our Platforms Benefits

Brillion1 platforms are focused on providing ready-to-use solutions that can meet enterprises of all sizes. Platforms are hosted on secure cloud infrastructure with high standards of security, local language support, and payment gateway integration.


Local language support

Brillion1 is available in all major regional languages. This allows businesses to reach all customer segments.


Secure Access

Brillion1 utilizes secure cloud access. All your customer data is protected by a two-factor authentication mechanism.


Cost Effective

Pricing options aligned with your requirements. This helps businesses of all sizes to access our services affordably.


Ready to go

Brillion1 allows businesses to launch their services and reach millions of customers instantly through WhatsApp.

Engage with your customers in their language

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