Brillion1 Healthwatt

Care at finger tips with increased accessibility


Brillion1 Healthwatt offers an alternative channel of engagement through WhatsApp for the entire patient journey, from onboarding to discharge. Hospitals and clinics have numerous patient touchpoints, and most of these interactions are typically managed through various front desks, inconveniencing patients and putting a strain on the limited resources of the hospitals. Brillion1 Healthwatt, which operates through WhatsApp, helps to overcome these barriers by enabling hospitals to reach every section of their patient community.


Hospitals offer the convenience for patients to self-register and effortlessly schedule appointments with their doctors via WhatsApp. This integration of WhatsApp into hospital services not only enhances communication but also contributes to a more patient-centric and accessible healthcare system.

  • Patients can initiate the booking process by sending a message, and automated responses can guide them through the necessary steps.
  • Seamlessly receive responses to your general inquiries about hospital services through WhatsApp.

Hospitals can integrate WhatsApp into their CRM systems, allowing for seamless coordination of appointments and access to patient records.

  • Effortlessly access your discharge and lab billing reports through WhatsApp.
  • Our regional language interface further simplifies the process for all patient demographics.
  • Privacy and security are critical in healthcare, and WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption helps maintain the confidentiality of patient information during communication.