Brillion1 Dipstick

Reach wider audience for an inclusive survey


By leveraging the popularity of WhatsApp, businesses can create surveys that are not only simple and intuitive but also non-invasive. This shift to a more familiar and comfortable channel significantly increases the likelihood of customer participation, ensuring a higher response rate and more accurate feedback. Conducting surveys through WhatsApp also offers a dynamic and user-friendly method to gather valuable insights and feedback.


Traditional survey methods utilizing web and SMS channels are encountering difficulties in obtaining timely and valuable feedback. This is mainly due to a lack of interest from customers towards these outdated communication channels, which may be seen as invasive or burdensome. To address the need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution, Brillion1 Dipstick has been developed as an alternative. Every touchpoint between a customer and a business presents a unique opportunity to influence the customer's perception and, consequently, their loyalty. Successful enterprises understand the significance of these moments and actively seek timely feedback to ensure that they consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

Brillion1 Dipstick allows businesses to create engaging survey questions and share them directly with their audience through WhatsApp. Transitioning to a familiar and comfortable channel boosts customer engagement, leading to higher response rates and more accurate feedback.

  • Transition to a more familiar and comfortable channel boosts the chances of customer engagement, guaranteeing an elevated response rate and more precise feedback.
  • The platform's multimedia capabilities allow for the inclusion of images, videos, or even interactive elements to enhance the survey experience.
  • The privacy and security features of WhatsApp contribute to a sense of trust, encouraging users to share their opinions openly.

Brillion1 Dipstick goes beyond just collecting feedback - it turns feedback into a valuable strategic asset. By leveraging WhatsApp and advanced analytics, businesses can stay attuned to their customer's evolving expectations, ensuring a proactive and customer-centric approach toward their products and services.